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Mail's Partner, your partner for easy and safe shopping in the USA

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How does it work ?

Who is Mail's Partner?

MailsPartner simplifies your purchases in the United States.

MailsPartner is your partner to ship goods out of the USA at the best price. We also consolidate your packages so that you can benefit from our lowest prices for multiple items. Our experts can assist you in French or English whenever you request it.

With MailsPartner you can safely place your orders in North America worry free and have them sent to a US address.
MailsPartner allows you to have your own shipping address in the USA so you can enjoy the same benefits and discounts as any American citizen.

MailsPartner gives you the advantage of the best shipping rates for your multiple purchases by consolidating your packages.
Everyone can benefit from services: from the individual to the professional - everyone whose aim is to save on shipping costs from NorthAmerica (USA and CANADA) to Europe.

Buying in the USA allows you to benefit from a favorable currency exchange rate and the lowest prices if the North American market.

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