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Frequently asked questions

Why Mail's Partner ?

Mail's Partner allows you to take advantage of buying goods at better prices and exchange rates in North America by giving you your own USA address and preferential shipping rates as well as consolidation of your packages to Europe.
You can simply buy what you want in North American (USA, Canada, and Quebec) at a lower cost than you will get at home.
Enjoy a favorable currency exchange.
Take advantage of sales.
Then benefit from reduced transportation costs through consolidation of your orders and secure delivery with various carriers with whom we have negotiated the best rates.

Why subscribe to Mail's Partner ?

By subscribing to Mail's Partner you receive discounts up to 30% on your overall shipping costs.

Can I store my packages at my Mail's Partner’s address ?

Yes, you can enjoy storage of your packages free of charges for 30 days.

Is my address at Mail's Partner real ?

Of course! Your address is not a PO box but the real physical address of our warehouse.

When will I pay for shipping ?

Upon reception of your packages at our warehouse, we will inform you via email.
You will then have the choice of adding the item to your cart immediately or waiting for other orders.
Once added to your shopping cart you will get a shipping quote for the goods plus any repackaging or storage charges incurred.
After payment via your account Mail's Partner, we will ship out your goods.

How do I open an account on an American vendor's website ?

The account opening forms are similar to this:

First name: Your first name

Last name: Your last name

Address Line 1:  Address (Mail's Partner)

Address Line 2: Your ID (Mail's Partner)

Password: Your Password

Re-type Password: Confirm your Password

City: City (Mail's Partner)

Zip Code: Zip Code (Mail's Partner)

State / Province: State (Mail's Partner)


Phone Number: (Mail's Partner)



Is there an assistance of translation on internet ?

Yes, you can change the translation automatically with Google Chrome.
To download and install Google Chrome, click on this link: 

The Americain seller asks me an US phone number. How to do ?

We give you an US phone number, but this number serve only to open your account. This phone number is fictitious.

The seller does not accept my European credit card! What can I do ?

It is possible that some North American websites do not export goods and therefore only accept North American credit and bank cards.
Mail's Partner can help you with your purchases. Go to your account and make a special request, pasting the link to the website where you want to make your purchases. If it is possible, we will give you the exact amount to be paid to continue shopping and if you are in agreement, you will pay us and we will make the purchases directly for you.

What do I do after ordering my merchandise from a vendor in North America ?

Open an account with MailsPartner.
Go to "Create a Shipping Order".
Fill in the simple form
Attention! In order not to create errors and facilitate the tracking of your packages, fill out one request per order.

First order placed coming from eBay = 1st Shipping Order request
2nd order placed with = 2nd Shipping Order request Etc. ...

You can also copy and paste your order confirmation received from your supplier by e-mail in the box provided at the bottom of the page.

Will I pay taxes in the U.S. ?

Yes you may, American taxes must be paid where applicable, depending on the state or country you are buying from and these will be automatically applied to your invoice from the vendor where you are purchasing (and from us for our services if applicable.)

What types of payments are accepted ?

Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Etc ...).
Payment through PayPal
Bank transfer

What will be the amount of the declared value of my articles ?

The said amount will be equivalent to the amount you added to the value field when you created your shipping order.
MailsPartner cannot be held responsible for any intentional or unintentional error of the declarations amount of your goods.
The amount of the insurance by carrier is equal to the amount you have declared.
We recommend that you declare the true value to avoid problems of delay or penalties when you get your packages in your country.

What type of goods are prohibited from shipping ?

You can find all this information in the general terms and conditions.

What is the USPS Form 1583 ?

This ask is not obligatory, but if we have a problem with a reception by USPS (United States Postal Service), we'll can ask you to fill this form. Click on this link: ce lien PDF

Completing Form 1583 USPS ?

Here are the steps:

Box 1: Insert the date.
Box 2: For a professional (Company Name) for your particular (Name).
Box 3: Enter your address provided by Mail's Partner:
Box 4: Enter the mailing address of Mail's Partner:
Box 5: Enter "Yes" and sign in the box if you want us to accept your mail.
Box 6: Enter the name of your company or your name and surname.
Box 7: Enter your address (your country).
Box 8: Your phone number.
Box 9: Enter the name of your company or your name and surname.
Box 10: We send: K-bis or valid identification (passport) valid.
Box 11: Stamp of the company. Full name and Signature
Box 12: Do not fill.

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