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After sign-up, MailsPartner will provide you an address in the United States as well as a Mail's Partner's ID. From there, you can open accounts and order products on any North American Website. You only need to provide your new shipping adress at checkout.

Upon reception of your package, you can request us to forward it immediately by logging into your account. You can also let us store your packages for free (up to 30 days), which allows you to consolidate multiple orders. That's how you will save the big bucks on your shipping costs!




Create an account


Standard yearly subscription

60.00 € per year

Professional yearly subscription

192.00 € per year

Consolidation of your packages

5.00 € per package

Full repackaging

5.00 € per item

Storing of your packages

30 days free, 1.00 € per package/per day after 30 days

We buy for you?

15.00 € per product


Accepted worldwide

Standard shipping costs to Europe

See examples below

The shipping cost is highly dependant on the dimensions and weight of your package once consolidated. The shipping companies also update their rates daily. That is the reason why we will only communicate the final price before shipping. However here are some examples for the most common packages:

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