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Validating its application for membership, the customer hereby accepts unconditionally the terms of that membership and full text of these general conditions of sale.

Article 1 - Purpose  This contract is for the provision of an address on American territory in order to maximize the benefits and ensuring a smooth flow of the different orders placed on American soil.
By accepting these Terms, the Customer warrants that it fits into the category he said the screening is to be individual or professional.
On this point MailsPartner reserves the right to terminate any subscription following a false registration statement with the account creation.

Article 2 - Duration
The customer will receive for a period of twelve months of service access.
MailsPartner agrees to contact customers in case of a subscription renewal.
The first stimulus 60 days before expiration.
2nd reminder 30 days before expiration.

Section 3 - Subscription
The customer may complete a package at any time during endorsing another package. The current subscription period will be extended until the expiration of the new subscription, and the new amount will be subscribed automatically added to the package initially subscribed and not completely consumed.

Article 4 - Fees and Payment Method
Rates are based service access MailsPartner are specified in the subscription form. The current rates are available at any time on the website
They do not particularly cost consumer telephone or ADSL. After the first year of the contract and on each anniversary date, MailsPartner reserves the right to change prices. To become a client, it is necessary to open an account by completing the form online. The payment will
by immediate payment of all of the subscription.

Article 5 - Access to Service
Access to MailsPartner is available 24 hours on 24 and 7 / 7 cases of force majeure or maintenance operations. du lundi au vendredi.">In case of difficulties in accessing the service, support service MailsPartner is available by e-mail to Monday to Friday.

Section 6 - Using the PIN
The username and password for the client to identify and connect to the paid site. IDs are personal and confidential. They can be changed as customer's request or on the initiative of MailsPartner. The customer is fully responsible for the use of personal identification details concerning it. The client undertakes to keep secret and not disclose it in any form whatsoever. All transactions conducted through the login and password for the client is deemed to be made by the client. Any other use requires prior permission and express MailsPartner. All attempts to use the same elements of customer personal identification simultaneously by multiple computers can lead to termination of right and without prior notice of this contract by MailsPartner. In case of loss or theft of personal items on the identification, the customer will choose a new password and a new login and notify MailsPartner by e-mail at the following address info @ mailspartner . com.

Article 7 - Rules of Internet Usage
The customer acknowledges the characteristics and limitations of the Internet and especially recognize:
Whether the client is solely responsible for the use he made of the information. Accordingly MailsPartner not be held because of an obligation expressed or implied, as civilly liable to the Customer for any direct or indirect arising from the use of such information, he is aware of the nature of the internet in particular its technical performance and response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, the communication by the client's personal identification or generally any information deemed confidential by the client as is made under his own responsibility, it is for the customer to take all measures necessary to ensure that the technical characteristics of the computer it makes available information, it is the customer to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software from contamination by viruses circulating through the site.

Article 8 - Validity of electronic
Customer acknowledges the validity and probative value of trade and electronic records produced by MailsPartner and agrees that the said records are given the same probative force as the handwritten document signed so.

Article 9 - Limitation of use
The address made available to the client remains hypothetical, the client may not claim a use other than assigned. The client undertakes the management upstream of these commands, does MailsPartner will be responsible for delays and losses of all packages ordered by the customer.
In no case Mail-Partner can not be held responsible for the content of the various packages and reserves the right to report to competent authorities all types of packages or illegal content.

Article 10 - Termination
In case of violation by a customer of one of its basic obligations, MailsPartner reserves the right to suspend immediately and automatically providing the service and / or terminate this contract after a notice had no effect during a months or, without notice, in case of repeated violations or rights of intellectual property models.

Article 11 - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is subject to French law. In case of dispute concerning the application or interpretation of this contract, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution. Otherwise, the competent authorities of the Commercial Court of Annecy will only competent.


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