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MailsPartner offers a redirection service for your parcels from the United States to any other country in the world. MailsPartner is a registered trademark with the INPI in the National 10 No. 3769162, registered office is:  Madison (AL) 35758. Prices and description of our services are published on our website

Privacy Policy

MailsPartner will not share, or rent your information. The information we collect will be used only for processing your orders, the return of your package, checking accounts, and all the elements allowing us to do our job.

1. To help save on shipping costs, MailsPartner may consolidate all parcels received in response to orders from its customers. Any grouping done cannot be changed for any reason whatsoever. MailsPartner can check the whole package or receipt to check if the item meets the customer's order, this operation can be performed only on special request and authorization of the client via the form available on the site

After checking in case of default, the client will be entitled to request one or more photos of his wares. MailsPartner disclaims all liability for the loss and generate incidents after leaving the warehouse.

2. The customer is responsible for all statements in his own country (customs duties, taxes, etc.) even if they receive a subsequent assessment by the carrier, such fees or charges are extra fees charged by MailsPartner.

MailsPartner only there to redirect the package to its customers.

3. MailsPartner not be held responsible for the delivery of packages that do not comply with the import regulations of the country they are sent and export regulations of the United States. It is the customer's responsibility to know the rules before shipping their packages.

4. For the protection of its customer accounts, MailsPartner does not change the forwarding address outside the address registered on the account. This is to protect the client, if someone accesses their account without permission, the forwarding address cannot be changed., sa pièce d'identité en cours de validité ainsi qu'une attestation de domicile.">The client may set the application to change its account by checking MailsPartner (special request) and must provide by fax or email to, his ID and valid proof of residence. Only after this request, MailsPartner register the new address.

5., le client sera à même de valider l'envoi de son">Storage: MailsPartner will store the package or packages to its customers over a period of 30 days maximum, on demand via their account on the website, the customer will be able to validate the dispatch of  its or its package. Without demand established by the client, MailsPartner ship the invoice for the shipment of the parcel after 30 days maximum free storage, for non-payment of a current invoice, after 7 days, MailsPartner charge per day $ 1 (any parcel less than 12 kg), 2 $ (package of 12 to 30 kg), $ 3 (package of 30 to 45 kg), $ 4 (package of 45 kg and over).

6. In case of payment problem, a business recovery (Kauder Security Industrial Group SA), will be hearing the case to recover the (s) amount (s) outstanding (s). In this case, MailsPartner reserves the right to suspend and / or delete the account.

7. After customer orders, packages will be received at MailsPartner returned to their original packaging. However, if the parcel is received by MailsPartner result in volume or weight MailsPartner reserves the right to split the package to meet the specifications imposed by the shipping company (FedEx, USPS, etc.).. Any additional packaging or combination of packages will be billed $ 7.00.

8. MailsPartner removes all liability concerning deliveries of packages (FedEx, USPS, etc…) will be solely responsible for all of their benefits. All terms and conditions and assurances of load steps will be recognized by (FedEx, USPS, etc…). The customer is responsible for all information submitted before any shipments and ensures that packages may be shipped depending on its size, its volume and its contents.

9. Concerning the parcel or large volumes of HGVs, MailsPartner committed to finding the carrier sufficient to enable the smooth delivery of all parcels.

10. ou avec son compte PayPal.">For payment of bills, the customer can pay by credit card online at the site or their PayPal account. However, in order to limit fraud, MailsPartner may close the fraudulent account of a client permanently.

11. The customer must provide correct / full name, address, zip code and city name to which packages will be sent. Any change of address must be received before sending packages. In the event of return following information problem, MailsPartner charge $ 9.00 plus costs of referrals for corrections in order to continue the orderly delivery of future mailings. Once the account MailsPartner activated, the customer will receive his fictitious address MailsPartner and his new email address (see Chapter 10). Before ordering or opening an account with your or your supplier (s), thank you add and control your dummy address MailsPartner. MailsPartner removes any responsibility for the failure of delivery in response to erroneous information supplied by the customer. Costs of adjustment for an amount of $ 9.00 will be charged to the customer for each labeling changes.

12. MailsPartner provided an address so customers can enjoy the same benefits of promotions that any resident of North America. This address is fictitious; it will in no circumstances be used for purposes other than delivery of packages. She shall serve as account opening and in no way be used as personal mail box. If either condition is not met, MailsPartner reserves the right to notify the customer and close the account if the recurrence.

13. The Customer must immediately inform MailsPartner where delivery of a package by mistake and correcting for the good of the whole activity. It may be that an error had to be committed to a bad recording. In this case, will MailsPartner

mission is to manage the repatriation and return of the parcel to the right person and will charge the costs to the customer who has provided the wrong information.

14. The customer authorizes MailsPartner to open the packages or if there is a suspicion on the contents of the package (illegal goods).

15. MailsPartner the mailbox cannot be used for receiving mail. All mail will be automatically approved for the trash. For any e-mail (letter) the customer must inform us via their account on the site

16. For any package damaged or lost, thank you know via your account within 48 hours after receipt MailsPartner. After this period, MailsPartner no longer be held responsible. The amount repaid cannot exceed the amount reported for duty. After investigation, in case of misrepresentation, MailsPartner reserves the right to charge the customer all costs following the various steps of the investigation. The client who made the false declaration will close his account permanently.

17. By accepting the terms and conditions of sale, the customer authorizes MailsPartner to carry out all customs clearance procedures, preparation of documents before shipping, with full power of attorney to act as an agent of Customer to the extent permitted by law to be governed USA and according to the state of Utah. Customer acknowledges that it has the duty and is solely responsible for the information provided and required by the U.S. government laws and regulations. MailsPartner assumes no liability for information provided by the customer only the agent or the carrier can act as an intervener, the client or PHEIC *. The customer must provide all information concerning MailsPartner the PHEIC *, including its name and employer identification number (EIN) and the ECCN, Schedule B classification and all other information required under an export transaction routed as described in Article 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 30, Regulations on foreign trade statistics (FTSR).

18. MailsPartner take all precautions and doing everything possible to comply fully with all laws and regulations governing international trade, including the Federal Regulations on Trade Statistics (FTSR). The following list is a non-exhaustive sample of items that may be prohibited or, depending on your country of destination, may be requiring an import license, additional documentation and / or cause problems and delays when Examination of Customs:

    * Combustible / flammable items (paints, oils, lighters).
    * Any type of cylinder pressure (hairspray, shaving cream, sprays of any type).
    * Hazardous materials (matches, chemicals, explosives).
    * Firearms, weapons and their parts: military, police and tactical equipment of any kind, including firearms, replica firearms, gun accessories, magazines, ammunition, knives, swords , and compound bows, crossbows, electric shock batons or stun guns, tools for firearms or weapons parts, optical glasses, laser sights, night visions goggles, handcuffs, surveillance equipment .
    * Agricultural products such as tobacco, plants and seeds.
    * Coffee.
    * Perishable foods.
    * Animals and products made with animal skin (furs).
    * Alcohol.
    * Cash, money, money orders, cashier's checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds and collectible stamps and coins. Jewelry and precious stones.
    * Lottery tickets and gambling devices.
    * Prescription and / or medication.
    * Pornography (video review).
    * Government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be or resembling government identification documents. This includes uniforms and badges or patches designed to look like official Government Issue.

19. MailsPartner not be held responsible for any damage, error or omission of information, inaccurate or false, and cannot provide all necessary information from customers.

20. Sponsored purchases. Partner sites are not under the control of MailsPartner. MailsPartner cannot be held responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a Linked Site, or any changes or updates to such sites. MailsPartner provides these links for the sole purpose of serving. It is the customer's duty to take precautions to ensure that whatever he chooses to use is free of such items as viruses, bugs, problems, etc.... MailsPartner is not responsible for the goods ordered by the purchase program partner. MailsPartner is not responsible for the quality of goods, warranties, delivery problems, back orders, etc... MailsPartner is not liable if purchases cannot be doing with partners for any reason whatsoever.

21. To better management, MailsPartner gives itself the right to take possession of any property or goods not claimed after six months storage and no response after three client recoveries. Can resell the goods or property or by any means available in order to repay all costs incurred.

22. Do any regulation by the client after invoice issued in his name will not be refundable, only a letter justifying the reason may be taken into account.

23. Any documentation provided by the vendor may be removed to minimize weight and thus be able to save on transportation costs.

24. MailsPartner will not accept delivery against payment. et le versement d'un acompte sur le montant du contre remboursement permettra la réception du ou des colis.">Only an explicit request and the reason for the request by the client, via its website account and a down payment on the amount of reimbursement will cons receipt of the parcel.






Who is * Detemining USSPPI

Determining Who Is in the PHEIC year export transaction Can Be Challenging at times. There are five different parts That Can Be The PHEIC. Those parties include:

We Receive Numerous scenarios From The trade community Who are Trying to determined PHEIC Who The Is in Their transaction. Most boxes are straightforward and easy to determine. However, There Are Some That Make You Think and maybe Even Have to draw a diagram.


 - Receipt for any client running a fictitious address in the USA.


This receipt is required by Section 17538.5 of the Commercial Code.

Any person who obtains a dummy mailbox receiving service must read and acknowledge the following statement, it will be kept on file after the client account is created and I will remain available to the CMRA, upon request, the Department Consumer Affairs or any law or body to conduct an investigation.

By requesting and obtaining the use of a dummy mailbox receiving services, I acknowledge that:

1. I am obliged to disclose my personal address or place of residence on a USPS Form, I accept having to quickly provide in writing any change in my address and place of residence at the CMRA.

2. By signing below, I irrevocably authorize the CMRA to act on my behalf to track all the documents that can be used on a legal about me. This authorization takes effect from the date of this Agreement and this for two years after termination of my courier.

3. I also acknowledge that I understand that the use of a dummy mailbox for commercial purposes requires the user to comply with all applicable laws in the state thereof, including Section 17538.5 of the Business and Professions Code and laws prohibiting unfair competition and false advertising contained in sections 17200 and 17500 of the Business and Professions Code. Violation of these laws can result in criminal or civil penalties, or both. I understand that the Postal Union of the United States,
I prepare for every box in the fictional letter, made available for commercial, can claim the service form 1583 which may be provided at the local Post of the United States and a copy must be retained by the CMRA and made available upon request by the Department of Consumer Affairs and any agency having to investigate. I will accept to meet the above requirements.
  By ordering our service you agree by electronic signature, acknowledge the above conditions.

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